Rohingya Emergency

Year: 2017

Target: £25,000



After locating a group of 1289 Rohingya families (approx 6000 people), who were receiving little to NO help due to their location across the border in Myanmar, we decided these were the most needy and most difficult Rohingya Refugees to supply aid to. We had collectd funds to provide minimum one month food rations to as many families as we possibly could. No other aid agencies were operating here or allowed to. The location was remote as well as too high risk.


The camp only had two-days supply of food when we arrived. Therefore, we selected this camp for distribution, and set out to provide the whole camp with the monthly food packs.


Through negotiating and much perseverance we are pleased to say we actually delivered 1290 monthly family food packs (515 more packs then we envisaged), allowing us to supply the whole camp.

What Each Monthly Food Pack Included:

  • Oral saline x 88 boxes
  • Paracetamol 500mg Tabs x 76 Boxes
  • Paracetamol syrup x 18 boxes
  • Diarrhea Tabs x 130 boxes
  • Diarrhea Syrup x 28 boxes
  • Multivitamins x 45 boxes

In addition to the raised funds, we had to spend TK22,000 (£205) of our own money to pay for bricks to be placed on the flooded mud roads in the hills so the trucks could pass. All flights, visa fees, accommodation, travel and food was covered via personal means.

Image Source: Rohingya Refugees Camp in 2019.37.jpg by CAPTAIN RAJU licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0