Gaza Emergency

Year: 2021 (ongoing)

Target: £30,000



Raising money to help those families who's homes have been DESTROYED so we can provide them with basic living provisions. Our on the ground contacts have informed us of the urgent requirement for living provision. We have calculated this at £200 for a full set providing:

  • Gas Stove 3 fires (£35)
  • Gas Cylinder 5kg (£36)
  • Kitchenware (£72)
  • Bed(£35)
  • Bed Mat (£22)

Our ground partners who have been working in Gaza for over 10 years have presented us the opportunity to help deliver this project. From the ground they have assessed the needs and situation carefully, inshallah once we reach our target of 30,000 we will depart from London*. We have an experienced and resilient team, therefore please be assured that as previously we will deliver this project in the best way possible.